PCD Thanks Area Sponsors

To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – July 2012) On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Partnership for Community Development, I would like to thank Alliance Bank, the Hamilton Initiative and the Hamilton Business Alliance for their generous financial support that has made the PCD’s new Small Business Resource Center possible.

Thanks to their contributions, the SBRC now has available at its offices at 11 Payne St., Hamilton, a library database with several hundred full-text periodicals and books, guides and sample business plans and budgets, instructional videos and more. This resource is available free to all current and prospective members of the Hamilton business community.

It is just one part of the Small Business Resource Center and supports its ongoing mission to provide our business community with the tools, information and resources they require to thrive and succeed, all at no cost to them. For more information about the SBRC and about the newly opened library database, call 315.825.3537 or email info@hamiltonpcd.org.

Carl Albrecht, President, PCD Board of Directors

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