Madison County Fair Additional Contest Winners Announced

(Brookfield, NY – July 2012)

Madison County Pageant

Miss Madison County

Samantha Pori, Chittenango

Young Miss Madison County

Ileana Belfiore, N. Brookfield

Little Miss Madison County

Paige Warren, Erieville

Tiny Miss Madison County

Loriana Walter, Chittenango

Baby Miss Madison County

Lana Allen, Hamilton

Junior Mr. Madison County

Christopher Linder, Canastota

Little Mr. Madison County

Cole Warren, Erieville

Bicycle Raffle Winners

Mikalyn DeCarlo (Sm.Girls)

Maddox Jasper (Sm.Boys)

Stephanie Brean (Lg. Girls)

Bryce Smith (Lg. Boys)


Class 64

1st Brookfield Historical Society

Class 67

1st Daughters of Union Veterans Civil War West

2nd Sons of Union Veterans Civil War

Jr. Organizations – C lass 3

1st  Boyscout Tro Earlville

Jr. Organizations – Class 4

1st First Baptist Church Brookfield

Fine Arts

Painting Oil/Acrylic

1st Virginia Keith (Adult)

2nd Angela White (Adult)

1st Kyleigh Warner (Middle School)

1st Cole Walker (Primary)

2nd Lydia Walker (Primary)


1st Holly Paino (Adult)

1st Brianna Woodley (Jr.)

2nd McKenzi Tilbe (Jr.)

1st Kiara Strough (Middle Sch)

1st Lydia Walker (Primary)

2nd Marissa Kupris(Primary)


1st Chad Johnson (Adult)

1st McKenzi Tilbe (Jr.)

2nd Miranda Hadlock (Jr.)

1st Alison Bartlett (High Sch)

1st Tyler King (Middle Sch)

2nd Tyler King (Middle Sch)

1st Lydia Walker (Primary)

2nd Cole Walker (Primary)

Graphics/Photography B/W

1st Chad Johnson (Adult)

2nd Desiree Mayne (Adult)

1st Haley Mayne (Middle Sch.)

2nd Ashley Mayne (Middle Sch.)

1st Jordan Mayne (Primary)

Graphics/Photography Color

1st Michael Wiswell (Adult)

2nd Chad Johnson (Adult)

1st  McKenzi Tilbe (Jr.)

1st Haley Mayne (Middle Sch.)

2nd Ashley Mayne (Middle Sch.)

1st Cole Walker (Primary)

2nd Kylee Cucci (Primary)


1st Cody King (Primary)

2nd Cole Walker (Primary)

Creative Arts

Section 21 –Reuse/Recycle


1st Cole Walker (Jr.)


Alison Bartlett (Jr.)


1st Lydia Walker (Jr.)

2nd Stephanie Brean (Jr.)


1st Hertiage Farms (Chilld Hat)

1st ARC (Dollier/Runners)


1st Hazel Burch ( Modern Pieced)

2nd Wilma Pomeroy (Modern Pieced)

1st Hertiage Farms (Novelty Quilt)

1st Hazel  Burch (Baby Quilt)

Sewmanship Garments

1st Virginia Keith (Child’s-Male)

1st Melissa Cassulis (Child’s-Female)

1st Virginia Keith (Adult’s-Male)

1st Melissa Cassulis (Adult’s-Female)

2nd Virginia Keith (Adult’s-Female)

1st Melissa Cassulis (Apron)

2nd Kate Whitaker (Apron)

1st Kate Whitaker (Any Other)

2nd Virginia Keith (Any Other)

Dolls & Animals

1st Gloria Marraccini (Crochet)

1st Hazel Burch (Fabric)

1st Rose Landphere (Clothes Pin)

1st Virginia Keith (any other)


1st Hertiage Farms

Decorative Arts

1st Chad Johnson (xmas Deco)

Paper Art

1st Heritage Farms

2nd Virginia Keith


Baked Goods/Yeast Breads

1st Amanda Cassulis (White Bread)

1st Amanda Cassulis (Coverleaf Rolls)

1st Amanda Cassulis (Cinnamon Swirl)

1st Heritage Farms (Pumpkin Bread)

1st Heritage Farms (Banana Bread)

2nd Alison Bartlett (Banana Bread)

1st Alison Barlett(Cheesecake)

1st Diana Cassulis (Coffee Cake)

1st Kate Whitaker (Apple Pie)

1st Cassondra Renfer (Any other Crust)

2nd Diana Cassulis (Sugar Cookies)

1st Diana Cassulis (Filled Cookies)

1st Heritage FArsm (Brownies)

1st Cassondra Render (Any Other Cookie)

2nd Diana Cassulis (Any Other Cookie)


2nd Kate Whitaker (Peanut Butter Fudge)

1st Alison Bartlett (Chocolate Fudge)

1st Alison Bartlett (Peanut Brittle)

1st Julia Walberger (Any Other Candy)

Canned Foods

1st Kate Whitaker (Bread & Butter Pickles)

2nd Kate Whitaker (Apple Jelly)

1st Gloria Marraccini (Grape Jelly)

2nd Heritage Farms (Grape Jelly)

2nd Hertiage Farms (Any Other Jelly)

2nd Hertiage Farms (Any Other Jam)

Recipe Collection

1st Sara Brean (Jr.)


Single Specimens

1st Judy Whitford (in 12 Divisions)

1st Virginia Keith (Coverlet)


1st Virginia Keith (Marbles)

1st Dorothy Prentice (Kitchen Utensils)

1st Judy Whitford (Political Items)

1st Virginia Keith (Xmas Tree Deco)


1st Judy Whitford (in 5 Divisions)

1st Dorothy Prentice (Lantern)


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