Call Governor to Stop Natural Gas Activity

To The Editor:

(Canastota, NY- Aug. 2012) We need to know what will happen to our health if the gas industry moves in. Our families will be exposed to chemicals such as benzene, toluene, naphthalene and formaldehyde. These toxic chemicals should never be used near our water.

People in some neighborhoods living next to the compressor stations, waste ponds and drilling sites are becoming sick, have lesions and spots on their faces. The effects of these chemicals and their link to diseases need to be researched; however, New York has not studied the health effects of hydrofracking.

The Marcellus shale law in Pennsylvania, similar to new Colorado regulations, has a confidentiality provision – a gag order that allows doctors to know the chemicals in fracturing fluid in emergency situations – but does not allow them to discuss this information with their patients, the state or for research.

By holding this information in confidence, there will be no way to track health issues related to gas drilling. Families will have no medical or legal recourse when they become sick. Is this what we are to expect in New York?

Allowing the injection of chemicals into potential sources of drinking water without knowing the health risks is unconscionable. Our beloved children are not to be used as a test case to see how many toxins they can be exposed to before they become sick.

Call Gov. Cuomo now at 518.474.8390 to stop hydrofracking. When you hear the heartbreaking news that your child is sick, it will be too late.

Judy McConnell Steffen, Canastota

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