By Chris Rossi 

(Hamilton, NY – Aug. 2012) The Aug. 9 Hamilton Town Council meeting was held in the Village Court House to accommodate a presentation by our town attorney.

We transacted our usual town business, approving bills and discussing bids for sand and fuel oil.

We were updated on road repairs around Hamilton and a visit to the town garage by Arista Power, which is working with Solarize Madison. Arista will create an estimate on what size solar system is required to fill the energy needs at the town garage and, through net metering, cover the costs in our lighting districts.

Our new bookkeeper, Sue Reymers, attended the meeting and was welcomed to the Town of Hamilton team. Our Planning and Zoning Boards are looking for a stenographer to take notes at their meetings. Interested? Please call the town office or visit our website for more information.

Autumn means budget time and the town council is working on dates for budget workshops and public meetings. These meetings are open to Hamilton residents and we will send notices of those upcoming dates.

Our new Energy Working Group has been focusing on what might be legally possible in terms of managing High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Gas development on a local level. Town attorney Steve Jones joined our town council meeting and presented what he had learned about those possibilities.

Steve answered questions from members of the Town Council, the Energy Working Group, the Planning and Zoning boards, as well as other attendees. We discussed the need for local road use laws. The questions of how much impact a town can have on “fracking” beyond bans or partial bans, and the value and timing of a moratorium were vigorously discussed.

Steve Jones will do additional research and report back to the Town. We will share our findings and information with the community through our website and public meetings.

The Hamilton Town Council meets on the second Thursday of the month at the Town of Hamilton office in the Village of Hamilton at 7 p.m. Our next meeting is Thursday, Sept. 13. We invite and encourage you to join us.

For more information visit,

Chris Rossi is a member of the Hamilton Town Council.



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