Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Comes to Oneida

(Oneida, NY – Sept. 2012) Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has set up shop at the Oneida Public Library and is offering to mail free books once a month to the youngest residents in the Oneida area as long as their parents or guardians are legal residents in the 13421 zip code area.

“Imagination Library is a great opportunity for families with little children to have easy access to high-quality works of children’s literature,” said Elaine Clark, the program’s Oneida coordinator. “And it’s free for any child, from an infant just born in the hospital to a 4-and-a-half year old.”

After a parent or guardian has registered a child with Imagination Library through Oneida Library, the child will receive once a month in the mail a package with a free, age-appropriate book selected from the Imagination Library’s set of 60 children’s classic picture books.

“Registration for the Imagination Library is now taking place,” said Carolyn Gerakopoulos, the Oneida Library director. “Registration forms are available at our library, Head Start, Starting Together, Oneida Healthcare and area day care centers. About 10 weeks after parents have registered the eligible children will start receiving a free book.”

The children, even infants signed up at birth, will continue to get a book a month until they turn 5 years old, when they are eligible for kindergarten.
“Parents reading and interacting with books introduce their children, even from their infancy, to the essential tool of communicating in life,” Clark explained. “It prepares the children to be ready to read right out of the gate when they enter the kindergarten classroom. For them, reading in school won’t be an abrupt transition. It will be just a part of their daily routine, like eating breakfast.”

Oneida Public Library’s participation in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is made possible by the support of the Gorman Foundation and the Central New York Community Foundation, under the auspices of the Madison County Literacy Coalition.

For more information about Imagination Library, stop by Oneida Library, 220 Broad St., or call 363-3050, and ask for either Elaine Clark or Youth Librarian Michele Ryan.


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