(Cazenovia, NY – Sept. 2012) Levi Spires of Cazenovia, the Republican and Conservative Party candidate for New York’s 121 Assembly District, challenged his opponent to a series of debates across the district.

“It is critically important to me that the voters of this district know exactly what their elected officials stand for,” Spires said. “As a small business owner, as a father, as a taxpayer, it’s time to bring new ideas on how to grow our economy and attract jobs right here in the 121st.”

Spires sent a personal letter to incumbent Assemblyman William Magee (D – Nelson) last week,, outlining a schedule of three debates, one in each county, beginning in Brookfield Sept. 29, then Oct. 11 in Oneonta and Oct. 24 in Cazenovia.

In his letter, Spires advocated for not only a moderated debate, but also an opportunity for community members to ask questions of the candidates.

For more information on Spires, visit leviforassembly.com.

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