The wRIGHT Way

By Ron Wright

(Cazenovia, NY – Sept. 2012) I can’t predict the future, but as of this writing, the GOP convention has concluded and the Democrats are gearing up for theirs. Local comments include the current Syracuse mayor stating that the Republican convention was filled with “hate.”

I’ve noticed several frequent simplistic traits used by the left for a number of years. One is to label about anything they don’t agree with as “hate-filled” or “hate speech,” and, the other, to play the race card as a red herring for any number of opportunities. Count the number of instances you see this played out between the date you read this and the November election.

Another term used for effect is “the far right” or the even more incendiary, “far-far right.” How is that for scary? I guess, then, that Abraham Lincoln was also far right because Republicans now would be very comfortable with his clone running for president in 2012. Lincoln thought the Spencer repeating rifle he used in target practice during the civil war was a great firearm. He also did something called emancipation that drove the other side into a tizzy. Let’s see, what was that party again? So fundamentally transforming a country is a moderate activity? How do you do that and be moderate?

If you think 55 million abortions performed in this country in the last 39 years or so is a tad much, you are a far-right zealot. If you think the number is about correct, you are classified a moderate. Do something like read the U.S. constitution word-for-word in public and some members of congress like Nancy somebody from San Francisco will practically blow a gasket.

I mean how far “to the right” could someone get? When you see a buggy full of our Amish neighbors going down a country road to their church meeting, are you suspicious they just might be a bunch of Nazi imposters planning to incite pandemonium? You had better call your local ACLU chapter to be on the safe side.

We might hear at the Dem convention about those filthy-rich billionaire Republican hedge fund traders destroying companies and throwing people out of work. Since when was George Soros ever a Republican? News to me. You heard that if the top 1 percent in this country were taxed at 100 percent for a year, we could run the federal government for eight days? You won’t hear that statistic come from the Charlotte conventioneers.

Oh-so-timely convention news from ABC TV the other day focused on Mitt Romney’s “secretive Mormon religion traditions.” Something about their unique undergarments. Now there is a reason for not voting for someone. They have secrets. Secrets are suspicious and suspicions may mean something terrible might be going on. And on and on. Guilty until proving oneself innocent!

Wasn’t it the other way around in America just a few years ago? But if our current president has secrets about his associations, college work and various other activities in the 1970s and ’80s, well, that’s just fine. Most of the TV networks and big-city newspapers would not waste their time on it.

The intended impression: A secretive Republican candidate is at least a weirdo; a secretive Democrat is just cool.

Speaking of religion, I’m not of the Mormon, or Roman Catholic or Islamic Leaning Liberation Marxist Theology faiths myself, but who should care? We’re in a pluralist country.

And we go around again with voter ID as it comes up around every election time. A person must identify themselves for a driver’s license, for food stamps, for social security and many other things but for registering to vote or identifying yourself on voting day, well, that is such a terrible burden.

Give me a break.

Remember the guy in Ohio on TV bragging that he had registered 83 times for the 2008 elections? The tip of an iceberg? News flash: The Democrats want to flood the voting booths with anyone and everyone. Their thought process is that since they believe there are more Democrat-leaning people in the country than Republican-leaning, they will always come out ahead.

Prove this is wrong.

Let’s see, what about an October surprise? The heavily Democrat-leaning national media, Hollywood, academia and many other groups would think such a strategy would be great in time for the election. The president has already said, in his second term, he would go around Congress administratively if he didn’t get his way, for starters.

Can you imagine Bush 41 or 43 saying this?

Maybe a strike on Iran that should win over the electorate for a couple weeks?

Unleashing the strategic petroleum reserves … maybe good for a dollar off a gallon of gasoline futures?

But if he doesn’t win, there are what? Seventy-seven days left in office for him after the election? You are able to do many things in 77 days as a U.S. president.

And at least until Dec. 31, he will have the U.S. Senate to approve foreign treaties he wants.

Ron Wright of Cazenovia is a retiree with keen interest in his family, history, politics and his church. He began putting his thoughts on paper a little over a decade ago to share with family and friends. Ron, whose column appears the third edition each month, may be reached at

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