Students Lend a Hand

To the Editor:

(Sept. 2012) Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County (CCE-Madison) would like to publically thank two student groups – Morrisville State College’s Dairy Club and the Colgate Men’s Basketball Team – for their professionalism, stewardship, and energized community spirit. Each group, in their own way, demonstrated those qualities over the last two weeks at Extension’s Education Center, 100 Eaton St. in Morrisville.

The Dairy Club – numbering close to 70 students – held their 30th Autumn Review Sale on Sept. 8 at Cornell Cooperative Extension’s barn. Eighty-five lots of Holstein calves, cows, embryos, and picks, along with a special Jersey calf, were housed at Extension’s pole barn. Dr. C. Steven Mooney, Dairy Professor, is the Club’s Advisor.

Leading up to the sale, club members regularly fed, watered, milked, washed and clipped the cattle, and kept them immaculately clean in preparation for sale day.  Besides that, they swept, mopped, and helped prepare the Ag Center for the expected crowd of 300+ bidders and Holstein enthusiasts.  Once the sale was over, club members disassembled the sales ring and cow stalls, and returned everything to its original place.

The Colgate Men’s Basketball Team, along with their coach Matt Langel, arrived at CCE-Madison a week later, commemorating 9/11 and demonstrating their volunteer spirit through the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education (C.O.V.E.) organization at Colgate University.

Arriving is split shifts, the team took turns moving hay bales and boxes, washing windows, sweeping the pole barn, painting a meeting room and steps, and staining a couple of doors and the planter box in front of the Extension Center.

Our thanks go to Morrisville State College and Colgate University, as well, for supporting these kinds of projects that demonstrate institutional collaboration and help many not-for-profit organizations in Madison County. Their students – individually and collectively – make this kind of cooperation and community service a pleasure for everyone involved.

Cornell Cooperative Extension

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