There is Time: Weigh in on Projects

To the Editor:

(Cazenovia, NY – Sept. 2012) On Monday, Sept. 4, the Cazenovia Village Board held two public hearings on issues of significance to Cazenovia.  The first was a continued public hearing from the August board meeting about the preliminary findings of the Village’s Economic Health and Heritage Committee, chaired by Mayor Kurt Wheeler, for possible revisions to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan with attention to the area known as Village Edge South.

The second was an opportunity for public comment on Gregg Development Corporation’s application for a zoning classification change from R-30 to R-6 for approximately 47.86 acres of presently undeveloped land at the south edge of the village off of Number Nine Road for a housing development of approximately 68 priced-right homes.

Many people were present for the hearings, and many good questions and comments were heard and considered.  The public hearing to continue the Economic Health and Heritage Committee’s findings was concluded and the Board approved EHH’s continued work.

The Board extended an invitation for the public participation in the EEH’s meetings and deliberations and tentatively scheduled the next meeting for Thursday, Sept. 20; the second public hearing was continued until the Board’s next meeting Oct. 1 to allow board members time to consider the public’s comments and for additional comments from the community.

Many of the concerns expressed during both hearings were the need for thoughtful, careful consideration of all the significant issues surrounding both proposals. Rather than approving both with haste, both require substantial examination of their benefit to the community  – assurance that plans will be carried out as presented and without negatively affecting safety or creating harmful effects on those already there.

This is a critical moment for Cazenovia.  The parcels in question are among the last undeveloped areas in the village. We should take the time necessary for thorough consideration of all implications and possibilities.  We should be assured that approvals are based on foresight and a clear understanding of the consequences.

We have an opportunity to do it right!

Please take time to express ideas, concerns, and suggestions to the Village Board and Village Planning Voard.  Please watch for meeting dates and attend, if possible.  Written comments are acceptable, as well.

We need to work together to keep Cazenovia the wonderfully unique place that it is.

Barbara Clarke, Cazenovia

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