What is going on at the Cazenovia Transfer Station on Constine Bridge Road? Major improvements are in store for this facility according to Russ Hammond, operations manager for the Department of Solid Waste. A pad is being prepared so the small green-and-white building shown above can be relocated. This will allow for a larger driving area for residents who are dropping off construction and demolition debris in the roll-offs that will be placed in the bunkers under construction there. (Submitted Photos/Sharon A. Driscoll)

Two new bunkers for disposal of construction and demolition debris and scrap metal also are being constructed at the Bolivar Road Transfer Station in Sullivan. The large rocks now lined up in the driveway at the Chittenango transfer station will be removed and the bunker will be backfilled to ground level, giving residents more room to back their vehicles up and allow for an easier positioning to unload their vehicles. Mike Haitian and Richard McLaughlin are finishing the concrete wall at the Sullivan station.

Madison County Department of Solid Waste news

(Cazenovia, Sullivan, NY – Sept. 2012) Major improvements are underway at the Cazenovia and Sullivan transfer stations. Earth-moving equipment has been on site in Cazenovia for several days now. The landfill construction crew is busy preparing to frame-up and pour foundations at the Cazenovia location that will house roll-offs for the collection of construction and demolition debris.

These bunkers are already completed at the Sullivan station.

Roll-offs are the large green metal containers that residents currently put their recycling in at the County transfer stations, said Recycling Coordinator Sharon Driscoll.

“We have to make the Cazenovia transfer station more user-friendly,” Driscoll said. “Quite honestly – the traffic pattern here is a disaster.”

“Adding two more disposal units for C&D and moving the small green building will open up the driving area and will allow those trying to dispose of C&D easier access to the disposal units,” said Operations Manager Russell Hammond.

Plans are already being formulated to further enhance accessibility to the trash disposal area next spring.

“We hope to take a portion of the building where the trash is disposed of down – shorten it,” Hammond said. “This will increase the size of the driveway and make backing away from the recycling disposal areas less hazardous.”

The Department is also making improvements at the Sullivan transfer station on Bolivar Road in Sullivan. Two cement pads and walls have been poured and will allow C&D roll-offs to be placed there. Much like the Cazenovia transfer station, this will allow for easier access and less congestion.

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