Pictured are Dominick Pangallo, David Craine and Shannon Mantaro. Rotary contributed to the PCD for the Great Chocolate Train Festival.

Pictured are David Craine, Blessed Sikhosana and Kevin Fallis. Sikhosana was a guest speaker of the Hamilton Rotary Club.

Pictured are Lindsey Hoham, Natalie Sportelli, Brandon Zaccardo and David Craine. Zaccardo is  president of Colgate’s Rotaract Club.

Hamilton Rotary Club News

Annual Golf Tournament

(Hamilton, NY – Sept. 2012) With the change of the seasons drawing near, the Hamilton Rotary Club recently held one of its major fund raisers.  On Tuesday Sept. 11 22 teams of golfers made their way to Colgate University’s 7-Oaks Golf Course for the annual Hamilton Rotary Golf Tournament.

Congratulations to Team Knapp who took home the honors of 1st Place. Monies raised at this year’s tournament will be used to help fund and support Local, Regional and International Rotary Projects.

Speaker Shares Vision

“Clean water is something that we all take for granted.”  These were the words spoken by Rotary guest Rev. Blessed Sikhosana.  Rev. Sikosana is a member of the Syracuse Sunrise Rotary and her mission is to build water wells in her native home ofZimbabwe.  Speaking to the members of the Hamilton Rotary, Rev. Sikhosana, expressed the plight of villagers in Zimbabwe who have to carry pails of water up to 10-miles to their villages.

With the assistance of her home club, Rev. Sikhosana is the Chairperson for the Syracuse Sunrise Rotary Clubs International Zimbabwe Water Project.  Their goal is to build wells that supply clean water within the villages.

Welcomes Colgate Rotaract Members

The Hamilton Rotary Club is pleased to be supporting the Colgate University Rotaract Club.  Rotaract is a Rotary Sponsored Service Club for young adults to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development to address the needs of their communities and promote better relations through a framework of friendship and service.

Under the supervision of advisors Lindsey Hoham and Aurulis Henderson, students at Colgate University are becoming involved in the Rotaract Club.  With a goal of a membership of 30-40 students, Colgate Rotaract President Brandon Zaccardo, is excited about the opportunity to work with the Hamilton Rotary Club along with establishing their own service projects on campus during the current school year.

Rotary Has a Sweet Tooth

A “Sweet Celebration of Hamilton History” is what the Partnership for Community Development is calling this year’s Great Chocolate Train Festival.  The Hamilton Rotary Club has once again pledged its support of this great community event.  Recently Dominick Pangallo, Marketing & Development Coordinator for the PCD was invited as a guest of Rotary to accept a check for $500

Dominick than gave a brief overview of the festival and thanked the Rotary for its continued dedication to the community.

The Hamilton Rotary Club meets every Thursday at noon at the Colgate Inn.  For more information on the activities of the Hamilton Rotary or to become a member, contact a member of the Hamilton Rotary.






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