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(Town of Sullivan, NY – Oct. 2012) Businesses who would like to be represented in the Rotary Town of Sullivan Local Phone Book should contact Chittenango Rotarian Dale Thomas. The deadline for getting an ad in their yellow pages is Oct. 15.

The local phone book for the Town of Sullivan is published and distributed free every two years. This is the only distributed list of phone numbers for the town.

Listings, including cell phone listings if requested, are free. (Call 315.687.6205 or email with cell phone listings). Distribution to every household and business in the Town of Sullivan is free of charge, as well.

The project is financed by the sale of yellow page ads. If you would like your ad to appear in the yellow pages, with bold print in the white pages, call Dale at 315.510.2095.

Cell Phone Users May Sign Up Now

The Rotary Club of Chittenango is beginning production of its 2013-14 town of Sullivan free phone book. It will be distributed in January to every household and business in the Town of Sullivan at no charge.

The telephone business has changed. Many households no longer have a land line and there is no distributed list of land line or cell numbers. Chittenango Rotary has a fairly complete list of numbers that are in the town of Sullivan in the 633, 687, 510, 655, 656, 697 and 699 prefixes, but folks who would like their cell phone number listed in the local town of Sullivan phone book should call 315.687.6205 during business hours or send an email to

The listing and the phone book are free. Chittenango Rotary finances this project with the sale of yellow page ads. Proceeds are used for local Rotary projects.

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