GSC Hosts Round Table Discussion

To the Editor:

(Town of Lenox, NY – Oct. 2012) The Great Swamp Conservancy (GSC) hosted a round table discussion for the central and western members of the Land Trust Alliance.  The group went on a “field trip” in the morning accompanied by GSC board members.

The group had lunch and discussed issues in the land trust world, such as the need for the governor to sign the Environmental Protection Fund, and the fact that every dollar in the Environmental Protection Fund equals seven dollars in state benefits.

Special guests were Assemblyman Bill Magee who is the chair of the state assembly agriculture committee, and a representative from Senator Gillibrand’s office.  Senator Gillibrand serves on the agriculture, nutrition, and forestry committee, and the environment and public works committee.

The Land Trust Alliance has awarded the GSC three grants so far:  an advertising grant, a board assessment grant, and a capacity building grant.  The Land Trust Alliance is an invaluable asset to the GSC, and is significantly helping the GSC grow into a more professional organization.

Great Swamp Conservancy, Canastota

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