To the Editor:
(Oct. 6, 2012) Recently The Madison County Board of Supervisors has been more puzzling than usual.  Knowing that their Director of Mental Health Services is retiring in January, one would rationally assume that efforts would be directed to recruiting a qualified replacement and deferring long term policy decisions until that person was on board to provide professional assistance.

But why should we assume a rational process when it is more expedient to substitute political privatization beliefs?

Instead of seeking a professional Director, the Supervisors are rushing to spend additional County tax money to replace a working division of Mental Health (ADAPT), which achieved a very successful record in helping clients overcome alcohol and drug addiction, with an outside contractor.  Adding insult to injury, the reason given for doing this with excessive hurry is the imminent retirement of the present Director.

During a more enlightened time the County established a non-political Community Services Board to advise the Supervisors on these types of decisions. This past week that Board unanimously voted against this action.

Nevertheless, this rush to faulty judgment remains on the Supervisor’s Oct. 9 (Tuesday morning) agenda for full Board approval.  You may wish to give your elected supervisor a call.  Their numbers can be found on:

Marianne Simberg



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