Morrisville State College Supporter Recognized at Award Ceremony in New York City

By Catherine Flood, Public Relations Intern

(Morrisville, NY – Oct. 2012) Longtime supporter at Morrisville State College, Dr. Sheila Johnson, was recently awarded the Diversity and Inclusion (DANDI) award in the entrepreneur category, for her involvement at the college.

The DANDI awards acknowledge individuals and organizations who demonstrate outstanding commitment to creating a more diverse and broad world.  This is the first year of the DANDI awards, with 22 companies and individuals in 14 categories honored. The awards will be an annual celebration that recognizes those who have contributed greatly and are trying to make a difference.

Nominees in the entrepreneur category are successful business owners who have carved out a niche market that impacts society or diverse segments of society. Johnson was up against others such as Lani Hay, CEO of Lanmark Technology (LMT) and Sara Blakely, inventor of Spanx. Other nominees at the awards were Gucci, Coach, Brad Pitt, Showtime Networks and MSNBC.

Coincidentally, Morrisville students were on a Sheila Johnson-sponsored field trip to the Tolerance Center while Johnson was presented the award.

A video featuring Johnson speaking about the diversity at Morrisville was shown at the event. “The video highlighted Dr. Johnson’s commitment to the college and our students,” said Sara Way, executive director of Institutional Advancement.

Johnson is one of MSC’s largest donors with a great financial commitment. Her commitment is in support of diversity, leadership and community service. Students from MSC who have interacted with her, are thankful for her support. “She is a great role model for the students,” Way said. “She is very invested in Morrisville’s mission.”

Johnson has contributed to MSC for a number of years and is known for her large impact on the growth of the college. She sponsors programs such as the Collegiate Science Technology Entry Program (CSTEP), Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP), the library, scholarships/student assistance, community service projects and student testimonials.



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