One Sky, One World: A Day for Kite Flying

(Cazenovia, NY – Oct. 2012) An international day for kite flying will be held at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Come to the Art Park to fly a kite with NYKE (New York Kite Enthusiasts) and get excited about the return of Kite Fest at the Art Park in May of 2013! You’ll find the NYKE team near the Secret Garden parking lot.

While at the Park you can also see the two new Artist in Residence pieces: Anthony May’s Tree 3 on the Vista Overlook, and Karen Bovinich’s Analemma; 238° SW, 304° NW on the crest of Quarry Field, as well as the three outdoor installations for the TONY 2012 exhibition:

Andrew Schuster’s 3 x 3 along the Main Road and White Stripes behind the Amphitheater Stage, and Tina Zagyva’s Themselves has been a Gathering – Vessel 2.0 on the Woodland Trail.

Also, stop in the gallery after noon to see more of Andrew Schuster’s and Tina Zagyva’s work.



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