(Chittenango, NY – Oct. 2012) The Chittenango Bears outscored their opponents by nearly 200 points the first five games this season; in the last two contests they have outscored them by two but still managed to pull off an undefeated season and a Division Championship.

The Bears knew they had no easy task going down to Cortland last Friday, and the Purple Tigers made sure they didn’t. In the first quarter, Cortland intercepted a Devin Phelps pass and took it 28 yards for the first six points but failed to convert on the point after.

A short time later, Cortland again scored off an eight-yard pass play and with the extra point, led Chittenango 13-0. It would be the last time the Purple Tigers would see their opponents’ end zone.

The tightfisted Bear’s defense made sure of that.

Any idea of a game blow-out held by the very supportive hometown Cortland crowd was soon put to rest by Chittenango’s quarterback Devin Phelps and his offensive crew before the first quarter could close. Phelps tapped running back Joe Gilona with a 17-yard pass into the Tigers end zone.

Place kicker, and soon to be game hero, Steve Billington put it through the uprights cutting the deficit to 13 – 7.

The second quarter saw Chittenango’s Kyle Zimmer muscle another touchdown for Chittenango with his two yard run to tie the game. What came next was the prettiest sight on the field so far this fall: Senior Steve Billington’s point after attempt sailing through the goalposts keeping intact, thus far, a perfect season.

And the Bear defense made sure of that also. Final score Chittenango 14, Cortland 13.

Pictured are Steve Billington, Kyle Zimmer and Joe Gilona. Photos and story by Ric Main, also pictured. 

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