(Oct. 2012) Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies, as well as New York State Police have received several reports involving vehicle break-in’s resulting in the loss of personal property contained in the vehicles. The incidents all occurred during the early morning hours Oct. 17 and centered in the areas of Fire Tower Road (Town of Nelson and Town of Georgetown), Campbell Road and Billings Hill Road (Town of Lebanon).

In a separate incident, a cellular tower site located on Kiley Road in the Town of Cazenovia was burglarized, where thieves made off with copper grounding bars and grounding kits.

Sheriff Allen Riley is asking the public to be vigilant to this issue, and offers some advice on deterrence:

1. Keep your vehicle visible: if at all possible, park in a well-lit area or in a garage if one is available. Avoid parking the vehicle in a concealed spot (such as behind larger vehicles, fences, trees, etc.) – thieves like to work unnoticed.

2. Don’t make it easy for thieves: lock your doors, and keep windows and sunroofs closed.

3. Use your vehicle alarm if it’s equipped with one.

4. Make sure your garage is kept locked if you have one.

5. Secure your valuables: keep your stuff out of sight! Valuables should be taken indoors with you. For those with SUV’s, a retractable fitted cover is a good option to conceal belongings if you must leave them unattended.

6. Keys: always take your keys with you after locking your vehicle. If you think you have a great hiding place for a spare key, car break-in thieves know where and how to look for them.

7. Make sure valuables (such as GPS units, radar detectors, laptops, messenger bags, etc.) aren’t left in the vehicle. Change left in cup holders is an open invitation.

8. Trust your gut: if you see suspicious activity, report it to your local law enforcement agency.

The Sheriff also said that residents can check with their insurance companies for additional guidance or suggestions on securing their vehicle.

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