(Oneida, NY – Oct. 2012) A local organization has found a fun and unique way to support breast cancer research. Nearly 200 employees of Oneida Healthcare donned pink gloves and danced their hearts out for the fight against breast cancer.

Dancers included area physicians, nurses, radiology technologists and many other OHC staff members. Chances are if you live in the Oneida area, you know someone in the video.  The OHC Pink Glove Video already has nearly 2,000 views and is being shared all over Facebook and twitter.

The video, featuring many different departments and facilities within the OHC Circle of Care, has been entered in Medline Pink Glove Video Competition. If OHC wins the competition, it receives $10,000 towards the breast cancer charity of their choice. Oneida has chosen The Carol M. Baldwin Research Fund, a local charity, to be the recipients of the prize. The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc. supports both new and established researchers investigating the causes, prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

The winner of this national contest is based on votes and people can go to Oneida Healthcare’s Facebook Page at facebook.com/oneidahealth to vote now through Nov. 2 at midnight. Voters are required to log in using their Facebook page in order to vote.

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