Supports Magee for Assembly

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To the Editor:

(Oneida, NY – Oct. 2012) I’m writing this letter to show my support for Bill Magee for assemblyman of the 111th District (Madison County). I don’t trust or respect many politicians, only a few, and Bill Magee is one of the few who has the trust and respect of me and my entire family.

Experience counts, and Bill Magee knows more about the 111th District, its people, the farms, schools and businesses than his opponent ever will. Mr. Spires feels his personality will help him get things done; is he really that naïve? It’s a scary thought.

Mr. Spires also made an uncalled-for remark about Bill’s age, which, in my opinion, should cause an uproar among all senior citizens. Spires has lived in Cazenovia for three whole years and thinks he knows all he needs to know; not so. Now is not the time to rely on inexperience, snide remarks and an attitude that borders on arrogance.

The people of Madison County need Bill Magee. The people of the 111th District need Bill Magee. For good government and a representative who will work for you, vote for Bill Magee on Nov. 6. You’ll be glad you did.

Helga Closson, Oneida

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