Morrisville-Eaton: High School Holds 71st National Honor Society Induction

Submitted by Beth Geatrakas and David Kaun

(Town of Eaton, NY – Oct. 2012) The Morrisville-Eaton Central School National Honor Society inducted 14 juniors and one senior in a ceremony in the high school auditorium Wednesday, Oct. 24. M-ECS proudly carries on its long tradition of active membership since 1941.

The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students. Chapters exist in three-fourths of the nation’s high schools. Membership is an honor respected throughout life.

Inductees needed to have a record of meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Members were selected by a faculty council selected annually by the principal. This council adjudicates membership issues for one year.

This year’s Faculty Council consists of Mrs. Burdick, Ms. Costello, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Morgillo and Mrs. Palmer. Each candidate must have a cumulative GPA of at least 88 percent. The Faculty Council then considers information from the “Student Activity Information Form” filled out by the candidate and a “Faculty Evaluation Form” completed by those who work directly with these students.

In a meeting supervised by the chapter advisers (non-voting, ex-officio members), the new members are chosen by majority vote of the Faculty Council.

With the candidates’ families, faculty, friends and fellow students in attendance, the chapter’s 71st annual traditional, candle-lighting ceremony began with an introduction by the Chapter President Jessica Chandler who also spoke about leadership. She was followed by chapter officers explaining the significance of each of the other three qualities esteemed by the society: Chapter Secretary Hayley Klein spoke on service, Chapter Treasurer Jordan Haugli spoke on scholarship and Chapter Vice President Hayley Brown spoke on character.

Following the lighting of the candles, Chandler led new members in the chapter’s pledge and invited them to join their parents and faculty at a reception in the library.

All members and the chapter’s advisers, Mrs. Beth Geatrakas and Mr. David Kaun, would like to thank the following for their assistance in making the ceremony a success: Mr. McCarthy for music; Mr. Bowie and the Maintenance Department; the Principal, Mr. Brewer; the Home and Careers teacher, Mrs. Yancey; the Library Aide, Mrs. Roher; Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Anderalli and Mrs. Cesta; and the High School Secretaries, Mrs. Dailey and Mrs. Dorrance. Above all, the advisers would like to offer hearty congratulations to the new members and their families.

New members include senior Alexander Clark and juniors Shelby Brown, Sandra Clark, Margaret Collins, Carrie Eastman, Daniel Hilts, Jenna Kent, Laura Konieczko, Nicholas Krause, John Dylan Lehr, Wyatt Moris, Kayla Nodecker, Matthew Rohrer and Avery Snyder.

New members joined veteran seniors Hayley Brown (vice president), Jessica Chandler (president), Sara Collier, Lydia Frawley, Jordan Haugli (treasurer), Hayley Klein (secretary), Meghan Klish, Morgan LeBlanc (webmaster), Taylor Leonard, Olivia McAdams, Aaron Olney and William Thomas.

Beth Geatrakas and David Kaun are Morrisville-Eaton Central School National Honor Society chapter advisors.

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