To the Editor:

(Erieville, NY – Oct. 2012) In your Sept. 19 article, “Anti-Drilling Contingent Returns,” Sullivan Supervisor John Becker is quoted as saying, ‘We are watching these other towns as they do all the work, and they could have a stack of documentation this high [holding hands about 18 inches apart], and the state could release the SGEIS and throw it all out.’

Becker’s statement contradicts the political reality in New York state where “Home Rule” makes it incumbent upon all towns individually to decide whether to limit shale gas extraction in their locality. What the state government does with the SGEIS will have no bearing on what the towns have decided. Here in Madison County, the towns of Brookfield, Lenox, Lincoln and Eaton have already enacted moratoria banning gas drilling for various durations of time.

I am presently organizing a petition drive in Nelson that requests the imposition of a one-year moratorium on all oil and shale gas extraction within the town. We currently have 540 signatures, which represent 38 percent of the town’s adult population.

When we finish our petition campaign, we will present the petition to the Nelson Town Board. We expect that they will, unlike the board of Sullivan, treat it with the seriousness and respect the will of the constituents deserve.

Miriam Barrows, Erieville

By martha

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