Watch Out for Ticks

Madison County Health Department News

(Madison County, NY – Oct. 2012) A special type of tick is in our area called the black-legged deer tick, and it can carry Lyme disease and transmit it by feeding on animals and humans. These ticks can feed at any stage of their life, be they very, very small nymphs or adults that can be the size of a sesame seed.

Ticks do not jump, but position themselves on the ends of tall grasses and attach themselves as pets or people pass by. Ticks are most active in the spring and fall, but can seek their hosts throughout the winter months. Hikers and hunters need to be very vigilant for ticks at this time of year.

Avoid tick bites by staying out of wooded areas, wearing long pants and long sleeves, using an appropriate-for-the-situation insect repellent and checking for ticks daily.

Learn more about insect repellents at under “I”.

If you find a tick, remove it from your clothing before going indoors. Wash your clothes in hot water, using high heat to kill them. Perform tick checks, and remove ticks found on your skin within 36 hours to help prevent Lyme disease.

Call your health provider for more information on treatment of suspected Lyme disease, and visit the Madison County Department of Health’s website at for help on how to remove ticks and more.

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