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(Madison County, NY – Nov. 2012) We have a winner! Chris Stepanski from the Madison County Department of Social Services Child Support Unit was the winner of the Domestic Violence Awareness Month Basket Raffle distributed throughout Madison County.

The Victims of Violence Program would like to thank the many generous businesses for their donations to this year’s Basket Raffle such as Wal-Mart, Barge Canal, Hamilton Movie Theater, The MOST, Casolwood Golf Course, Syracuse Chiefs and Syracuse University.

As a result of the numerous contributions, the Basket Raffle was a huge success!

This year, $431 was raised from the basket raffle. Proceeds will be used to develop a children’s library with educational resources and to maintain the “Back Pack Program” for children residing in the Madison County safe dwelling.

In addition, funds will be used to provide supplies for children working through the criminal justice system as a result of a crime.

Thank you for making this year’s Basket Raffle such a success!

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