A Flame This High

By Margo Frink

(Oneida, NY – Nov. 2012) Until my dying day I promise I will do everything in my power to keep my brother’s memory alive. With lots of help from family and friends we plan to hold a golf tournament every year to raise money for scholarships in his name.

On Friday Nov. 9, along with his wife, Jennifer, we contributed money to the Oneida Pop Warner Association at its annual awards ceremony held at the Oneida High School gymnasium.

Thanks to Pop Warner, we will be able to contribute money into a fund set up in his name to help others.

The following is the speech I gave at the event, which says it all.

“When we decided to begin an annual golf tournament in Stoch’s name it was to raise money to begin two scholarships at the Oneida High School; one for baseball and one for softball.

We held our first tournament in September and raised enough money that we also wanted to contribute to Pop Warner because we knew how much the organization meant to Stoch.

On behalf of the Nodine family I would like to thank the Oneida Pop Warner Association for allowing my family to begin this scholarship fund in Stoch’s name. We trust it will be used to help those less fortunate; something we feel would have been important to him.

His wife, Jennifer, told me Stoch ate, drank, slept, lived, bled and breathed orange and blue.

Although he gave back to his community by volunteering his time to help cultivate youngsters’ minds to the true meaning of sportsmanship, he would have been so proud to be able to give to those families a resource to make it possible for their children to participate in the program, no matter what ones financial situation may be.

We know the Pop Warner family meant a lot to him because he never would have taken part in anything that was less than worthwhile. He held the organization in high regard and met some of his closest friends here. Those who coached beside him and the players themselves know how awesome he was. At his calling hours I met so many players who told me so. It made me proud to call him my brother.

We plan to make this contribution annually and hope to grow the dollar amount. I am told the fund will be open for others to contribute to it as well.

Personally, I would like to thank the Barkers, Ed and Diane, and the Maleks, Doug and Bonnie and their families, who were not only there for my brother but my family as well during our difficult time. Stoch had some great friends.

We also would like to thank the parents who allow their children to be taken under the wings of coaches such as Stoch was and to those who volunteer their time to the organization. When you do, it means so much to your children.

And we thank the players; you kids who get out there and play; you make the coaches, your parents and Oneida proud. You made Stoch proud too.

So, on behalf of the entire Nodine family, we present our first contribution to the soon-to-be-named Stanley “Stoch” Nodine Oneida Pop Warner Scholarship Fund.”

Margo Frink is vice president of M3P Media LLC and publisher of the Madison County Courier. She can be reached at Margo@m3pmedia.com or 315-481-8732.


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