Pictured is Wyatt Orcutt presenting his team’s answer to who they believe is/was a great leader at the Legacy Now workshop.

(Canastota, NY – Nov. 2012) Canastota High School was proud to host the 2012 Legacy Now Workshop on Tuesday Nov. 20.  Members of FBLA served as facilitators for the annual event.  This is the sixth time that Canastota High School has worked with Legacy Now (formerly LEAD USA) to host the annual event.

Legacy Now provides students with the opportunity to attend workshops, seminars and participate in character building activities that drive them to have a better outlook on their education and on life in general. By participating in these workshops the program hopes to eliminate attitudes such as negativity, disrespect, and laziness.

Legacy Now presenters, Gary Ford and Dr. Pete Tamburro worked with the district to establish the goals for this year’s program.  Together, they spent the day promoting leadership and significance in an effort to provide a positive environment in the Canastota School District.

Ninth grade students volunteered to attend the conference.  Fifty-six members of the Class of 2016 took advantage of this opportunity. Canastota Cares represents the goals of the Character Education Committee at CHS stressing the principles of character, action, respect, empathy, and service.


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