Pictured are Cazenovia American Legion Post 88’s Officers with Rotarian military veterans. Back row from left are: Jack Mott, Commander and veterans Fred Palmer, Lloyd Besaw, and John Cayanne. Front row from left are: Gene Gissin, 1st Vice Commander, Rotarian Robert Conway and Al Keilen, Chaplain. Seated holding The American Ceremonial Bugle is Word War II veteran Fred Taylor.

Also pictured From left to right are Jack Mott, Commander, Wendy Taylor, Rotary Veterans Day program coordinator and Al Keilen, Chaplain holding The American Ceremonial Bugle, Rotary’s gift.   (Photo by Gissin Photography)

Taps celebrates 150th anniversary

(Cazenovia, NY – Nov. 2012) Four Officers of the Cazenovia American Legion, Post 88 joined the members and guests of the Cazenovia Rotary Club on Monday Nov. 12 at their regular weekly dinner meeting at the Brewster Inn to celebrate Veterans Day.

In addition, Post 88 thanked The Rotary Club for providing the funds to purchase an American Ceremonial Bugle for use at veterans’ funerals and other military and community occasions.

The American Ceremonial Bugle is a nickel silver plated 17-inch bugle with a programmable silver insert. This device slides into the bugle’s bell and once activated plays taps and 10 other preprogrammed calls such as To The Colors for flag ceremonies.

With the bugler shortage in mind, Congress passed a law that took effect in January 2000 that allows a recorded version of taps using audio equipment if a live horn player is not available.

The American Ceremonial Bugle is a dignified alternative to prerecorded Taps played on a stereo or compact disc player. It provides a solemn visual image of a bugler playing taps. It is this visual image that is so important to the family of the deceased veterans.

This bugle is vital to the funeral ceremonies of veterans as they receive their final three round rifle salute followed by the playing of Taps.

Taps was first played during the Civil War in 1862. This is the 150th anniversary of Taps.


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  1. BuglesAcrossAmerica.org can provide LIVE REAL Buglers for military funerals. PLEASE only use the ceremonial bugle if you cannot find a live bugler. Our veterans and their families deserve the real thing. CMSgt Ron Glazer

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