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Submitted by Josie Howlett

(Morrisville, NY – Nov. 2012) Do you think you might like to try writing? Writers groups would welcome you. There are actually several groups around, including here in Morrisville.

Why join a writers group? Well, for one, you have other interested parties who also like to write and share their stories because of a love for writing. Most writers also seem to have a love for books in general.

There is so much enjoyment to writing perhaps a short story, a mystery, a fantasy, a biography or autobiography or writing with the intent to share your writing with others. People actually have fascinating lives and many stories to tell.

Why not try a writers group and share those stories?

If you are interested in the writers group in Morrisville, contact me at 315.893.7032 or Cathy Nagle at 315.527.1627. We definitely would love to have you join us. You would be helping aspiring writers and, hopefully, they would be helping you.

The Morrisville group meets every other Saturday at the Morrisville Public Library.

By martha

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