Holiday Crackdown Activities Planned

Madison County Sheriff’s Office

(Wampsville, NY – Dec. 2012) Madison County Law Enforcement Agencies have announced that a coordinated series of drunken-driving enforcement activities are planned for Madison County for the holiday season. These activities will include traffic stops, saturation and dedicated patrols. These efforts will be deployed to deter activity that could threaten public safety and will all be carried out as coordinated efforts between the agencies.

“The holiday season is a time of great joy and celebration which sometimes may lead to individuals being on the road, behind the wheel of their car, who should not be there because they are impaired by alcohol and other drugs to the level of intoxication,” said Sheriff Allen Riley.

Riley has established a position of zero tolerance for this type of behavior, particularly drunken driving and underage drinking.

“The results from this behavior are clear and, all too often, tragic,” Riley said.

“These added patrols and committed staffing by the various departments will be funded by a special STOP DWI Foundation Grant received from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and are part of a statewide effort targeting several dates of high drinking, partying and drunken-driving activity,” said Madison County STOP DWI Coordinator Steve Goodfriend.

According to Goodfriend, impaired driving, either because of alcohol or other drugs, means that all citizens on the road are at risk because of the decisions of a few. In 2012 so far, there have been 260 arrests for driving while intoxicated.

While this number is down from previous years, there are still many drivers who shouldn’t be on the road and who place the public at risk.

“This crackdown enforcement activity is one way of assuring that someone’s holiday season is not marred by an encounter with a drunken driver,” Riley said.

Pictured is Madison County Sheriff Allen Riley.

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