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(Dec. 2012) A set of rules that govern how [hydraulic fracturing] will be practiced in New York State was released in November. The regulations provide no precautions to shield our food from fracking-related water and air pollution. There are no setbacks for pastures, fields, vineyards or orchards.

Even though animals exposed to fracking have tested positive for air, water and soil contamination, the regulations allow a drilling and fracking operation to be a measly 500 feet away from a residential water well or a spring used as a water supply for livestock or crops. This virtually assures chemicals will make their way in to our food supply.

Arbitrary setbacks offer little protection; an overflowing waste pit in Pennsylvania sent fracking chemicals into a pond and a pasture where pregnant cows grazed: half their calves were born dead. In 2009, 17 cows died gruesome deaths in Louisiana after drinking fracking fluid, which was 99 percent water. This stuff is deadly.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation draft regulations are not sufficient to protect the health of our families. Please tell the DEC to ban fracking. Write to: Draft HVHF Regulations Comments, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-6510 or online at

Debra Norwalk

By martha

4 thoughts on “Supports Hydraulic Fracturing Ban”
  1. Deart Debra: A group of us are starting a coalition to join the Towns in Madison County to put forth a stronger voice. Where are you located? We are the “Madison County Coalition against Hydrofracking”. We meet in the Erieville Fire House and our next meeting is in January 24th at 7:00PM. My phone number is 315-662-7037.
    Please call me. Miriam Barrows

  2. In addition to the water contamination there are several other reasons to ban hydraulic fracturing. The Governor of NY is very concerned about climate change and yet the fracking process is a major contributor to climate change. “Fracking brings rampant environmental and economic problems to rural communities. Recent studies show that methane leakage from gas wells and carbon dioxide from the combustion of gas contribute to global warming pollution, and lead to more extreme weather including catastrophic drought, fires and super storms. A recent report by the International Energy Agency confirmed that aggressive fossil fuel development and consumption could ultimately spell disaster for the climate.” ~ C.Hoffman

  3. I live in the small farming and residential town of Fenner. We are proud of our wind-mills and that we have been leaders in alternative energies. The Fenner Neighbors Group has been canvasing our citizens, door to door, for several months and what we have found is an overwhelming sentiment to ban hydro-fracking. We estimate that less than 5% of the population want drilling and that about 10% are not sure. The vast majority of about 85% are in favor of a complete ban. This shows that despite, millions of dollars of advertising spent by the gas companies, people really know what’s going on. Even those with gas leases are trying to get out of them. People do not want this risky, toxic, community altering industry in our beautiful town and state. We want to support windmills and other forms of long term and environmentally safe forms of energy, not short term gain and profit for a few while the rest of us suffer the consequences for years to come. We the people are much smarter than we are given credit for by those who live far away from us and have little concern for our lives and the health of our communities.

  4. Ban Fracking !!
    Corporations ,big Banks and politicians are
    polluting and plundering this beautiful planet
    for the insane greed of a few !
    Ban Fracking !!

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