(Hamilton, NY -May 2013) Our April Hamilton Town Council meeting opened with public comments and information on the recent Earlville elections, with Mayor William Excel and trustees Moore and Hayes retaining their positions.

In addition to updates on roadwork around town, Highway Superintendent Bert Glazier reported on an increase in state Consolidated Highway Improvement Program money. CHIPS provides money to municipalities to help with local street and highway improvement.

It was also reported that our solar panels are slated for a May installation at the town garage, just in time for sunny weather.

A records retention project was recently initiated to tackle the accumulation of documents and records in the town office. The project’s goal is to preserve and properly store important documents that must be kept by law and to recycle all the rest. Thanks to Councilwoman Carolyn Todd, Bookkeeper Sue Reymers and volunteer Regina Silverstri for this undertaking, and thanks to Colgate University for providing easily accessible work space for the project in the former Parry’s building.

Sean Graham and Margaret Miller from the village of Hamilton joined us to discuss the village’s work on the gas utility. The village would like to set up a gas franchise with the town of Hamilton. The gas utility is set to deliver gas only to homes and businesses within the village of Hamilton.

The creation of the franchise would allow the possibility of bringing gas to areas beyond the village borders, but still within the town of Hamilton.

A public hearing on the franchise will be held at the May 9 Town Council meeting.

Dr. Merrill Miller, a SOMAC board member, reported on the progress of their fundraising campaign. We continued our discussion of the best way to support SOMAC, the possibility of a taxing district and what local resources were available to help plot a course to sustainability.

After meeting with planner Nan Stolzenberg, Town Council members agreed to hire her to work with us on the comprehensive plan review and update. We will form a comprehensive plan committee to oversee the work, with help from our energy working group, planning and zoning boards. The town is fortunate in having good local academic, environmental and community resources to assist with the project, as well.

William Nolan, Mary Galvez and Darrell Griff were appointed by the Town Council to serve three-year terms on the planning board. Many thanks to Larry Crumb and Pat McGaugh for their years of service on that board.

The Hamilton Town Council meets the second Thursday of the month at the Hamilton Town Office in the village of Hamilton at 7 p.m. Our next regular meeting is Thursday, May 9. We invite and encourage you to join us. For more information, visit townofhamiltonny.org/.

Submitted by Chris Rossi, Hamilton Town Council.

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