Elderly driver pulled from his submerging vehicle by 16-year-old Kirkville Restident

(Eaton – Aug. 15, 2013) A 16-year-old Kirkville resident is credited with saving the life of a 92-year-old West Eaton resident Aug. 15.

On Thursday, Aug. 15, Morrisville State Troopers investigated an accident that occurred off Westcott Road in the town of Eaton. Police say Stuart F. Deland, 92, of West Eaton, was driving on Westcott Road in Eaton when his vehicle left the roadway and drove into Bradley Brook Reservoir.

Alex Travis, 16, of Kirkville, was driving by with a family member when he saw the submerging car in the lake. According to police, without hesitation and disregarding his own safety, Travis dove into the lake and swam out to the vehicle. He pulled Deland out through the drivers’ window and swam him to shore.

Deland was transported to Community Memorial Hospital of Hamilton for observation but was uninjured.

The vehicle was removed from the lake with the assistance of the Eaton Fire Department Dive Team.

State Department of Environmental Conservation Spill Response also responded; it was determined no hazardous materials were released from the vehicle.

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