Senator Valesky Delivers Coats, Blankets for Newly-arrived Refugees

2013_11_25 Center for New AmericansSenator Valesky visited the Center for New Americans on Nov. 25 to drop off bags of donated coats and blankets for newly arrived refugees. A bag of blankets was given to a family from Cuba who had arrived on Nov. 22. With them is Maria Beltran from the Center. 

(Syracuse, NY – Dec. 5, 2013) State Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida) recently delivered 12 bags of donated coats and blankets to the Center for New Americans as a result of a coat and blanket drive he sponsored at the State Office Building in partnership with InterFaith Works’ Refugee Resettlement program.

“I was pleased to be able to take so many donations to the Center for New Americans,” Senator Valesky said. “Thanks to the generosity of our community, families who arrive in winter from warm climates will have the items they need to stay warm during the winter months.”

While at the Center, Senator Valesky was introduced to a family from Cuba who had arrived in Syracuse on Nov. 22. The family received a bag of donated blankets from Senator Valesky.

Refugee families often need coats, blankets, and other household items when they arrive in the United States. Many refugees come from warmer climates and have never experienced the kind of winters that occur in Central New York. Most arrive in the United States with only the clothes they are wearing and the items that they can carry in a suitcase. The Refugee Resettlement program assists families with a variety of needs such as housing and furnishings, English language classes, school enrollment, medical care and employment.

The Center for New Americans accepts donations year-round.

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