H-11-2014 mccmc (Mary Rose Center) (1)Dr. John D. George, III, checks a patient at the Mary Rose Clinic in Oneida June 12. His recent addition to the staff has enabled the free clinic to expand from one day to two with new Thursday mid-day hours. (Photo by Mike Jaquays)

(Oneida, NY – June 2014) The uninsured and underinsured in Madison County and the surrounding area now have an additional opportunity for quality healthcare, as the Mary Rose Clinic has expanded their weekly hours to include an extra day.

The Mary Rose Clinic was created by the Gorman Foundation and Dr. Rathika Martyn in December 2010 to offer free medical health services for persons who are 16 and older who either have no medical insurance, have insufficient insurance or high co-payments or can’t get in to see a doctor due to long waiting lists for Medicaid patients.

Now, thanks to the addition of new volunteer Dr. John D. George, III, the clinic will be open for four hours mid-day on Thursdays, in addition to their usual Wednesday evening hours.

“It’s so needed – not everyone’s schedule permitted them to come on Wednesday nights,” Gorman Foundation chairperson Joanne Larson said. “This gives people who work nights the chance to come in for free healthcare.”

The clinic is one of several agencies, along with a kitchen and community room, at the recently-opened, 11,900 square foot Gorman Foundation Community Center. The clinic was the first agency to move into the community center when it opened this past winter, relocating their offices from across the parking lot in the same Northside Shopping Plaza.

“We moved into this building to expand, and this is fulfilling our dream,” Gorman Foundation president Amanda Larson said. “Our Wednesday hours were set around Dr. Martyn’s schedule, and our Thursday hours will work around Dr. George’s. We’re thrilled to have him here.”

The clinic is always looking for additional volunteers, as well. Call manager Nancy Verro at 315.280.0855 for more information.

George said he had heard good things about the Mary Rose Clinic for quite some time, so when he retired after 49 years from his own Verona-based practice in early June, he decided to join the clinic’s staff.

“This will help me stay in touch with medicine, while giving me the chance to give back to the community,” he said. “They really have a nice facility here; it is better than some doctor’s offices.”

The Gorman Foundation Community Center is located at 1081 Northside Shopping Plaza in Oneida. The Mary Rose Clinic is open Wednesday evenings from 4 to 8 p.m. and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and no appointments are needed.

For more information, visit www.maryroseclinic.org.

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