climate for change logo(Earlville, NY – March 2015) Our climate is changing. How and why and what we can do about it are concerns of farmers and politicians, CEO’s and first graders, artists and scientists. Our landscape is our vision of the future. Changing Landscapes is part of a conversation about our future. We invite you to come share your ideas and your vision of our changing landscape.

On March 21, in collaboration with Morrisville State College’s Climates of Change: A CNY Art, Poetry, and Theater Festival, the Earlville Galleries will present “Changing Landscapes,” a multi-artist installation featuring the work of seven women artists from Upstate New York:  Lynette Stephenson, Leigh Yardley, Jenna North, Marion Wilson, Amy McKinnon, Aida Khalil, and Lisa Iannello.

The exhibit is curated by Timothy W. Gerken, PhD, Associate Professor of Humanities at Morrisville State, who writes:  “The landscape is a crucial influence on our private understanding of the environment.  While art does not provide solutions, it can facilitate a discussion of what a community wants to do about climate change.”

Lynette Stephenson’s “The Red Cross” series of paintings was born after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her family home.  Leigh Yardley’s installations provide an opportunity to examine our cultural detachment from the environment.  Jenna North’s artwork explores the destructive impact of human demands on nature.  Marion Wilson’s work demonstrates how a socially engaged artist can be an instigator in community revitalization.  Lisa Iannello merges a sensory awareness from a medically induced coma at age 14 with plein air landscapes painted during the last ten years.  With a background in Landscape Architecture, Aida Khalil bridges the gap between object making and space making, using a wide variety of materials in mixed media sculpture, assemblage, and collage. Amy McKinnon’s paintings document the ever-changing environment of CNY, frequently using her farm’s produce and animals as subject matter.

A reception for the “Changing Landscapes” artists will be held at the Earlville Opera House (18 East Main Street, Earlville) on March 21 from noon to 3pm.  The exhibit will run through May 9 in conjunction with the popular TeensART 2015 and “Cloud Physics” by Tony Thompson.  Gallery hours are 10-5 Tuesday-Friday and 12-3 on Saturdays.  Admission is free, and the EOH is wheelchair-accessible with a ramp and a lift.

For more information, call 315-691-3550 or visit


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