R.B. Humphreys celebrates 55th anniversary

unnamed (3)R.B. Humphreys, a Westmoreland-based temperature-controlled transportation company, is enjoying its growth spurts. The company’s revenue has increased by over 100 percent from this time last year. This amazing growth has seen the staff of dedicated employees, drivers and agents surge to nearly 100.

R.B. Humphreys was founded in 1961 by a local farmer and later purchased by a Michigan-based investment firm specializing in transportation and logistics. R.B. Humphreys is one of the premiere freight carriers, with inbound and outbound destinations for much of the refrigerated foods in the Northeast regional corridor. They partner with upwards of 175 local food producers and distributors within a 400-mile radius of Westmoreland, NY, including Byrne Dairy, HP Hood, Hillshire Food, Lindt Chocolate, Crowley, etc. With the recent growth, the company has quickly become a major player in the Southeast and Midwest among sizeable food producers. What’s more, with a recent investment of $5 million dollars to upgrade their fleet, R.B. Humphreys’ “fuel” is clearly its dedication to being the most dependable service-provider to its customers.

With a fleet of over 70 trucks and 100 trailers, and authority spanning nationwide, it’s likely you’ve seen the Humphreys’ fleet on the nation’s highways. They are anticipating growth to 100 trucks within the next year. Driver retention is important to the company as they pride themselves by offering competitive wages, equitable fee arrangements, and a driver-friendly culture. R.B. Humphreys also proudly supports many food banks and civic organizations across Upstate New York State.

The president, Marvin VanSlyke, born and raised in Central New York, started his own trucking business in his basement 25 years ago. VanSlyke joined R.B. Humphreys in 2010, merging it with his thriving, 20-year-old brokerage firm. Since becoming president in 2012, the company has grown exponentially and has continued to solidify their status as a leader in the transportation field.

“Our company is where we envisioned it being this point, last year,” said VanSlyke. “We’ve worked hard over the last two years to preserve the old-school work ethic this business was built on, while continually modernizing, infusing positive changes and a talented, capable staff.”

For more information, visit us at www.rbhumphreys.com.

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