Utica Zoo awards the Midtown Utica Community Center

MUCC Zoo (c) Ryan Horan 2016

MUCC Zoo. Photo courtesy Ryan Horan

By Ryan Horan

Earlier this month, The Midtown Utica Community Center received the Community Partnership award from the Utica Zoo.

The award was for the overall community engagement that MUCC does and the collaboration nurtured between the Utica Zoo and MUCC. Last summer, MUCC organized an event called Cultures and Creatures, which celebrated the diversity in our community.

The event paired different animals with cultural groups who share the same home country. So, people could explore the different animals that are throughout the zoo as well as learning about the different cultures that are throughout Utica.

Board members of the Zoo presented the award to MUCC at their annual meeting July 18. Since the Zoo closed early for the meeting, youth from MUCC were able to spend time in the zoo exploring and having fun in addition to being honored during the event.

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