Colgate Theater Department & Physics and Astronomy Department presents “One Way Red”

COLGATE C-GATEMedium Theatre Company Rockets Colgate to Outer Space

On Oct. 6, the Medium Theatre Company offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to journey to the surface of the Red Planet in a special performance of ONE WAY RED, sponsored by the Colgate University Arts Council.

Lucky for audiences, this Mars is conveniently located on the Colgate campus. ONE WAY RED is an interdisciplinary work of science fiction performed in the Atrium of the Ho Science Center. The show will be performed on Oct. 6 at 7 p.m.

Admission is free.

The Mediums’ ONE WAY RED is a meditation on why we look to other planets to solve our earthbound problems. Based on accounts of applicants to join Mars One, a real-life non-profit dedicated to establishing the first human colony (and reality TV show) on Mars, ONE WAY RED is a solo journey from a bedroom floor in Waltham, Mass., to the surface of the Red Planet. ONE WAY RED follows the story of a young woman, played by Dani Solomon ‘13, willing to put faith in a mission with an improbable chance for success. Our anti-heroine, awash in a vast desert of empty NetFlix sleeves, broadcasts her reality TV confessionals back to Earth in monologues, folk songs, and movement.

“Mars holds a lot of space in today’s collective conversation, from NASA’s plans to visit Mars in the 2030s and Mars One looking to colonize the planet before them,”says Dani Solomon, lead artist and performer. “Are we taking another giant leap for mankind? Are we running away from Earth? Or is it both?”

ONE WAY RED is co-created and directed by Mason Rosenthal, with Morgan Fitzpatrick Andrews as lead designer. Together, Solomon, Rosenthal, and Andrews make up the Medium Theatre Company.


Founded in 2012, the Medium Theatre Company creates interdisciplinary experiences in unusual spaces. We imbue audiences with plays they can see, hear, touch, taste, and fully feel, and make stuff for folks who might not usually go “to the theater.” As such, we bring theatre to the people via affordable ticket prices, community engagement, and stories that serve up subtle social commentary in the way a chef serves a 10-course meal. Recent offerings in the company’s home city of Philadelphia include CONES, a solo show about vampires, vision loss, and ice cream; THE GAUNTLET, an interactive romp through purgatory; and NOBODY’S HOME, the multi-sensory meditation-comedy that’s toured to more than 50 bedrooms around the U.S.


Performance on Thursday, Oct. 6, 7 p.m. in the Atrium of the Ho Science Center, Colgate University. Admission free! The Mediums will also offer a free workshop on performance as research, open to the community. Contact Christian DuComb in the Colgate Theater Department for details (


  • Co-created and performed by Dani Solomon
  • Co-created and directed by Mason Rosenthal
  • Designed by Morgan Fitzpatrick Andrews
  • Costumes by Rebecca Kanach

Together, Dani, Mason, and Morgan make up the Medium Theatre Company.

ONE WAY RED is performed with support from the Rutherford Hall Foundation and Colgate University.


Don’t feel lonely all alone. Quit your cruising through reality television and YouTube self -help. Take a one-way trip to Mars with the Medium Theatre Company in ONE WAY RED. First, spacewalk through a constellation of performance and visual art installations, each floating detached in deep space. Then, follow one woman’s journey from a bedroom floor in Waltham, Mass., to the surface of the Red Planet in a solo performance awash in a sea of red Netflix sleeves and iron oxide dust. The next rocketship to Mars blasts off in t-5…4…3…2…

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