Tenney reacts to Remington Arms layoffs

Claudia Tenney

122 Employees Laid-Off at the Ilion Plant

Today, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R—NY) reacted to reports of 122 employee layoffs at Remington Arm’s Ilion Plant:

“As the largest employer in Herkimer County and one of the country’s longest continuously operating manufacturers, Remington Arms has been a staple in our community for over 200 years. The news today that Remington laid-off 122 employees is truly unfortunate for our community and the hardworking families of Herkimer County. Economic downturns in the firearms industry coupled with a decrease in sales have forced Remington to reduce staff to remain competitive.

“Failed economic and anti-Second Amendment policies in New York have continued to burden Remington’s Ilion facility, making it difficult for the plant to remain competitive. However, I will work tirelessly in Congress to roll back burdensome regulations that prevent businesses like Remington from growing.”

“Throughout my time in public service, it has been a distinct honor to work closely alongside the employees of Remington Arms to advocate for their needs in an effort to keep jobs in Ilion. My office is committed to helping all affected, and I encourage those who have been laid-off to contact our office if they are in need of assistance with the federal government. In the future, I look forward to continuing my advocacy for the employees of Remington Arms in Congress, and I hope to speak with Remington’s management soon to discuss ways to bring jobs back to the Ilion plant.”

2 comments to Tenney reacts to Remington Arms layoffs

  • BMcD

    Please inform the representative’s staff that there is no reason to hyphenate the words ‘laid-off’ in this article.

  • ronald stanley

    Cuomo and his liberal anti gun friends who support the SAFE ACT don’t help — then we have the idiots from the working families party who support Cuomo and are on record of supporting Cuomo and work at Remington —

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