4-H Public Presentation Event held at Herkimer High School

Pictured Luke Alesia, 4-H member of the Kuyahoora Kaprines talks about the life cycle of a butterfly.

On March 2, Herkimer County 4-H members participated in 4-H Public Presentations, held at the Herkimer High School. Forty 4-H youths, from all over Herkimer County took turns giving illustrated talks, demonstrations, speeches or job and college interviews in front of judges that evaluated their presentation skills.

All 4‐H members (5-19 years old) were invited to give their presentation in front of trained volunteer evaluators who constructively critique each presentation and provide positive feedback as well as suggestions for improvement.

Special thanks go out to our volunteers for taking the time to evaluate and work with our youth.

The evaluators were
Kim Creater, Judy Pasick, Laura Harding, Ashley McFarland, Carol Ainslie, Donna Salamone, and Sue Elliot.

By participating in this event, 4-H youth improve their public speaking skills while developing self-confidence, poise, self-esteem, stage presence and knowledge, giving them an advantage over their peers in this lifetime skills area. These skills will be useful in their future social, educational and career pursuits.

Congratulations to all of the Herkimer County 4-H youth who participated! Great job!  Chosen to go on to District 4-H Public Presentations, on April 8 in Oneida County, are Juniors (8-12) Fern Bick, Emily Herringshaw, Ellie Collins, and Seniors (13-19)McCaylia Plungis, Sophia Simmons, Skye Simmons and Jordynn Alesia.

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