Brindisi, Griffo hail ridesharing in Upstate New York


Upstate One of the Last Regions of the Country to Legalize Ridesharing

Recent Economic Impact Study Prepared by Uber Estimated up to 200 New Jobs Could be Created in Utica Within a Year of Ridesharing’s Arrival

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi and State Senator Joseph Griffo today applauded a State Budget that now legalizes popular ridesharing services in Upstate New York, moving the Mohawk Valley into the 21st Century by allowing Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing applications to operate in the region.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi said: “At long last, Mohawk Valley residents won’t be left at the curb when looking for safe, reliable transportation.  This is going to be a great benefit for business owners; people who do not want to drive from social events; and anyone who does not own a car.  A recent survey conducted by Uber estimated that within a year of ridesharing’s arrival, about 200 jobs could be created in the Mohawk Valley.  Uber will help invigorate our region’s economy by encouraging business travel, and providing new jobs for area residents.”

State Senator Joseph Griffo said: “Finally, the people of the Mohawk Valley will soon be able to catch a ride with a simple click of the Uber app. Having reliable and affordable options for transportation are vital for any community to remain vibrant and competitive in the 21st century, and now our region will be able to take advantage of this ridesharing opportunity. It will strengthen our economy in many ways by creating jobs for drivers, and by making it easier to get to a job or appointment, go shopping, eat at a restaurant, or enjoy a social event without having to worry about driving home. I am glad to finally bring ridesharing services to Upstate New York so that our residents are no longer denied the convenience and economic opportunity that ridesharing has offered in many other cities and states.”

Mark Mojave, owner of Gerber’s Tavern in Utica said: “Having Uber available in the market means greater safety, convenience and predictability for my customers. Visitors expect to find it here. I think it also promotes urban living by encouraging people to live Downtown without a car knowing they can get whatever they need to and then back again safely.”

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