Christine Fix to be Keynote Speaker at BRiDGES’ 30th anniversary celebration

“Up Close & Personal Delivering a Prevention Message”

Christine Fix has a 40-year background that includes, but is certainly not limited to, extensive experience in community outreach, multimedia communications, public service and human service administration and constituent service. She has also been active on the local political scene since 1985.

Fix believes that the heart and soul of our community rests in the social service organizations who are on the front lines of serving those most in need. Her 10 years spent as Director of Education and Prevention for AIDS Community Resources and serving as Director of Public Relations and Development for Catholic Charities have impacted profoundly on the person she is today. Christine says, “those experiences “keep me focused” on the importance and value that our political leaders bring to the quality of life and equal opportunities our people are entitled to.”

BRiDGES welcomes Christine Fix back. When at AIDS Community Resources, Christine was a popular speaker for the various teen groups that BRiDGES, then MCCASA, convened. Her sense of humor, enthusiasm and energy made her audiences sit up and take notice of her prevention message. That enthusiasm for prevention and ensuring a good quality of life for all continues.

BRiDGES is proud to have served the community for the past 30 years. Although some of the issues have changed, our core mission has not. The Staff and Board are committed to delivering effective, comprehensive programs and services that contribute to the health of everyone in the community. Through partnerships and collaborations with other stakeholders, the strength and reach is enhanced. We are excited to join with community members as well as former and current Board Members and Staff as we celebrate the past 30 years and look forward to an exciting future.

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