Canastota Churches detail first two volunteer grant presentations

Submitted by Scott Trefz, CAAC Board Member

When CAAC President Pastor Dave Allen presented the Wampsville Volunteer Fire Department with its First Responder grant check last April 26, WVFD Chief Monty Collucci was on hand with a score of his volunteer fire crew to receive it. Collucci proudly showed Pastor Allen and CAAC Board Member Scott Trefz what they used last year’s inaugural grant money to purchase: a specialized windshield shear tool that is used in extricating automobile crash victims from their wreckage.

The tool is a specially hardened “scissor” mechanism which mounts on any high-powered cordless drill. When the drill’s trigger is depressed, the shears snip windshield glass like a piece of paper. It has already helped the Wampsville firemen at several crash scenes. “The quicker we can get people out of their wrecks, the faster the EMTs

“The quicker we can get people out of their wrecks, the faster the EMTs can get to work on them. This tool cuts time off the rescue and helps us save lives,” Chief Collucci elaborated.

When asked what the WVFD would use this year’s grant money toward, several firemen offered up a few suggestions – all worthy projects. Whichever of them is eventually decided upon, the Churches of Canastota and the public who supported the grant fundraiser are pleased to stand behind the men and women of the Wampsville VFD in their efforts. Pastor Allen closed the presentation with a word of prayer for the safety and blessing of the volunteers in the coming year.

The very next evening, CAAC President Pastor Dave Allen made a solo stop to the Officers and firemen of the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department in Clockville, which provides fire response covering the southern part of the Canastota area. When handing over the check inside the newly dedicated fire barn, the expanse of empty space made it evident the LVFD had more equipment needs than this year plus last year’s grant money would cover. As in Wampsville, Pastor Allen closed in prayer with the appreciative volunteers bowing heads. “It’s always a blessing to be blessing,” Pastor Dave states, “and there’s no more worthy people to bless than those who give up their time to keep our community safe.”

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