Peaceful rally to raise awareness that 23 million Americans are in danger of losing healthcare

Forward Mohawk Valley and other grassroots groups will gather Monday, June 19, from 4:30 to 6 p.m. outside Applebee’s at New Hartford Consumer Square on Commercial Drive to resist pending legislation that will endanger access to healthcare for 23 million Americans.

The senate may take a vote on the AHCA as early as June 26. There will be virtually no public discussion, and the vote will occur very quickly after the CBO score is released. This is, simply, undemocratic. The GOP does NOT have a mandate to force through wildly unpopular legislation in this manner. This affects everyone, regardless of how you receive your healthcare coverage.

Forward Mohawk Valley is a grassroots group working to improve lives in the Mohawk Valley. Please contact Jennifer Kemp at (315) 939 0287 with any questions about this release.

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