Canastota churches join in the Boxing Hall of Fame parade

Members of the Canastota Area Association of Churches line up to prepare to march in the 2017 Boxing Hall of Fame parade.

Making their third consecutive appearance in Canastota’s annual “moment in the international limelight”, the Canastota Area Association of Churches again turned out to showcase Christian unity and joy in their faith.

Marching together behind the American and Christian flags, pastors and members of seven local churches carried individual congregational banners, periodically offering shouts of encouragement to the village: “We’re praying for you, Canastota, for healing, for prosperity, for a touch from God Himself!”

The group passed out candy, ice water, popsicles and uplifting pamphlets to the enthusiastic onlookers, who also expressed support with occasional bursts of applause. CAAC Parade Chairman Scott Trefz remarked, “As hot as it was last Sunday, that unexpected applause really lifted us up. It makes you feel appreciated; we’re already discussing next year’s parade!”

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