Griffo joins Senate in passing Charitable Gaming Act of 2017

Assembly must now act – Following Governor’s veto last year, law still must be changed
to allow charities and volunteer groups to sell raffle tickets online and accept credit payments
State Senator Joseph Griffo announced today that the New York State Senate has passed the Charitable Gaming Act of 2017, which would allow non-profit charitable groups to sell raffle tickets online and accept debit/credit card payments for fundraising activities.

The Charitable Gaming Act (S4329/A6095) was sponsored in the Senate after learning that outdated regulations limited the options by which organizations can accept payment for raffles, 50/50 prizes and other games of chance. Under existing rules, these organizations cannot accept either online or debit and credit card payments.

This bill passed the Senate and Assembly in 2016, but the Governor vetoed it. In response, the bill has been adjusted with additional amendments and will now be sent to the Assembly for their consideration.

“Every dollar that cannot be raised by a charity because of outdated limits on payment options is yet another dollar that cannot support the many services and programs that help meet the needs of our community,” said Senator Griffo, R-Rome. “Since not everyone carries around cash all the time, allowing online and debit or credit payments would make it more convenient for people to give to these charity raffles. We were so close to updating the law last year, so I am hopeful that the Assembly and Governor will join us in helping our charities and volunteer groups raise the funds they desperately need.”

Senator Griffo cosponsored this bill, which is sponsored by Senator Patrick Gallivan, R-Elma.

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