Stirpe: Onondaga County receives vital funding to improve roads

Al Stirpe

“Our roads are the veins that connect Central New York. Every day, countless New Yorkers use them to get to work, visit local businesses and go to school. They’re a critical asset to our local economy, from helping tourists reach all the attractions we have to offer to help people do their jobs and sell their goods. There’s no denying, though, that our roads are in desperate need of renovation. That’s why the $23.5 million in state funding announced yesterday to help repair roads in Central New York, including $2.2 million to repair 4.2 miles on Route 31 from just east of Lawton Road to the Cicero-North Syracuse High School in Cicero, is a welcome investment.

“Improving road conditions helps everyone. Better roads mean continued use and more opportunities. I’ll continue fighting to improve our community’s infrastructure so that Central New York can thrive for years to come.”

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