Domestic violence examined at Utica Public Library

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 6:30 p.m., the Utica Public Library will screen “Private Violence.” This compelling documentary is both riveting and spellbinding.

Through the eyes of both victims and tireless advocates, domestic violence is explored in terms of the crime, law enforcement and legal options. The film does not shy away from or sugar-coat this important issue and the difficult and sensitive aspects are examined with complete honesty.

Myths are exposed, showing that domestic violence cuts across class and economic lines. Several victims are presented in this gripping account, including a young woman named Deanna whose horrific case is reviewed in detail from start to its ultimate legal outcome.

The importance of not turning away and the value of advocacy is stressed throughout.

One in four women has been a victim of severe violence by a partner (NCADV). A message of hope is presented as attainable.

Be advised: Images and language in this documentary are graphic and may be disturbing. The screening is free to the public. Call 315-735-2279 with any questions.

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