Brindisi reacts to Tenney’s economic plan; says it is DC talking points

After careful review, Brindisi reacts to Tenney’s economic plan for our area; says it won’t really change a thing

NY-22 candidate for Congress Assemblyman Anthony Brinidisi spent the evening reviewing Congressowman Claudia Tenney’s economic plan for the area, which was unveiled today. Brindisi said the plan is very weak and doesn’t help working people or job creators enough. He said she touts a law that actually hurts the national economy.

“After a careful review of Congresswoman Tenney’s economic plan unveiled today, I can with 100-percent confidence, report that all she has really done here is plug and chug DC talking points given to every GOP member of Congress and inserted ‘NY-22’ into the blanks,” Brindisi said.

“The plan, right off the top, touts the CHOICE Act, which is a giant giveaway to the big banks and actually does very little for small banks. Her support for this law would actually hurt our larger economy and our retirement accounts. Secondly, she talks about infrastructure, but will not push her party to come up with a plan to fix our local roads and bridges that are in terrible shape.

“In fact, President [Donald] Trump just totally defunded federal dollars that go to our area for major road projects and Congresswoman Tenney has been mum. Finally, when it comes to reforming the tax code, the Congresswoman slams tax ‘loopholes’ used by millionaires and billionaires but then doesn’t tell us a single one she would shut down.

“My entire plan will be unveiled soon, but the cliff notes version is this: building a new jobs hub here at home, fighting for a tax code that actually closes ultra-rich tax loopholes and lowers taxes for working people while ensuring they have reliable healthcare, along with direct federal spending on infrastructure, so we aren’t all paying tolls to drive around our own blocks.

“Congresswoman Tenney fumbled an opportunity here to propose lasting reforms that will help us. Instead, she took most of her advice from DC insiders by touting bad proposals and a few sweeteners she knows are not big lifts. And so, my message to her is that we must do big things. I will do big things. And in the meantime, she should go back to the drawing board.”

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