Brindisi announces Bagg’s Square East Historic District makes National Register of Historic Places

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced Aug. 7 the Bagg’s Square East Historic District in Utica is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Brindisi announced in June that the area had been placed on the State Register of Historic Places, which meant it was under consideration for listing on the National Register.

“The Bagg’s Square East Historic District is now in some very impressive company, being listed on the nation’s official list of landmarks worth protecting because of their importance to the history of our country,” Brindisi said. “Along with bringing more interest in the neighborhood from preservationists, being listed on the register will bring more visitors to our area to see this important part of upstate New York’s heritage.”

With the dual listing on the federal and state historic registers, Brindisi says owners of income-producing properties in the Bagg’s Square East Historic District may qualify for federal and state income tax benefits. Properties in the neighborhood owned by not-for-profit organizations or municipalities will be eligible to apply for state historic preservation grants, while homeowners may qualify for state income tax benefits for approved work.

“The listing is a success story for many individuals and organizations who see the value of this unique area, and who have achieved a successful vision for it so it will be preserved,” Brindisi said. “We are fortunate to have such strong interest in our area’s history, and with continued investment, this area will also be a vital part of the Mohawk Valley’s future.”

The Bagg’s Square East District runs south from Union Station along Catherine and Second Streets to the Oriskany Plaza area.

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